Our Gift Registry

weddings ~ baby showers ~ birthdays ~ special occasions

weddings ~ baby showers ~ special occasions

Why not let Tate Design create a thoughtful interior design gift registry that your family and friends will love?  Once set-up, you can simply share the name and password given to you for your registry. It's simple and easy to use! 

How Does The Gift Registry Work?

  • 1. We design an amazing space for you and present it to you on a moodboard (living, bedroom, nursery etc). 
    • This would be to your brief but could include the likes of colour schemes, flooring, furniture, soft furnishings and window treatments.  It's really whatever is needed to bring the design and space to life!
  • 2. We create a list of items that your guests can choose from and gift (cushions, vases, linen, side tables etc.) There are items to suit all budgets.  Guests further have the option to contribute towards a particular item
  • 3. We provide you with a gift registry name and password for your guests to access the registry
  • 4. And finally, we arrange the delivery and placement of your items after your occasion 


CONTACT US to create your gift registry now!