Interior Design Testimonials

We’ve had the privilege of working on a long renovation project with Tania. Tania has managed to make the entire process a lot less stressful, incorporating many amazing ideas, planning and easily making decisions when needed. She has worked with both our architect and builder to ensure the interior of our design fits perfectly. You will not regret spending that little bit extra to get the look you’re going for, not to mention the time saved pouring over all the endless products out there. Tania’s knowledge and understanding of these products means she is able to make suggestions that meet any budget. Tania has been amazing to work with, nothing is too much trouble and everything executed is done professionally and efficiently. We cannot recommend Tania and the team at Tate Design highly enough.

Sam and Kate, Khandallah.


I asked Tania to come and help us to improve the look of our major living spaces  - I thought they looked a bit blah and that we needed some help to soften the look and funk them up a bit. I had looked at some pictures of Tania’s work and knew that she has a real flair for adding finishing touches without the need for a big budget. Tania was amazing and the whole experience felt like Christmas! I seriously think she must have a magical wand hidden in her kit somewhere as she can totally transform your home within a few hours! I totally loved my day with Tania and I was on a high for ages with a new sense of pride in our home. I can’t wait for her to come back to help us with the rest of the house!

Amanda, Khandallah.


Tate Design gave us expert and creative help with some of the ‘tired’ rooms in our house that we weren’t sure how to renew.  So far, we have done some work on our master bedroom and lounge.  Tate Design suggested new furniture layouts, new colour schemes, how we could renovate and repaint some old furniture, and even went in search of new lamps and other adornments that have completely renovated the look to something we love again.  Tate Design can see options we would never have thought of and have a great sense of colour combinations.  Lastly, Tate Design has photographed us separately and together at home, providing us with a large range of beautiful portraits for home and work.  Tate Design has such an eye for lighting and feel for mood.

Phil and Tracy,


Thank you Tania and Kate for your wonderful work. While I loved all your ideas I never imagined what a transformation Max’s room would be. He loves it too and talks about his new bedroom especially the little blackboard. Tania you’ve been a pleasure to work with, approachable, friendly but also practical and good at finding inexpensive options that work well. The best thing about this service was that Tania came up with ideas that I would never have thought of and it was the final finishing touches that just made it all so great.  I would definitely recommend Tate Design.

Rochelle and Max, Normandale.


My 10 month daughter and I recently had a wonderful opportunity to spend some time with Tania having some portraits taken. Given we did not have professional photos taken at her birth, I was very keen to capture some great natural shots that really encapsulate her features and highlight the bond between us as mother and daughter. Tania made us both feel relaxed, she definitely demonstrated a professional and friendly approach to getting the best shots, and it was evident that she has worked with children previously as my 10 month old does not always perform on cue! Thanks Tania for the shots that you captured.  We are thrilled with the result and these will be photos that we treasure for many years to come.

Sam and Miss Grace, Melbourne.


Wow! I love the pictures you took Tania! Thank you so much. We don’t have many family photos and so we’re wrapped with the ones you took. The girls really responded to your friendly, warm style and I love the way you quietly took charge.  The whole experience was lovely and very efficient (which is great when you have kids who don’t really want to sit around for ages to get their photos done!). I’d recommend you to anyone who wants studio quality photos without looking like they were taken in a studio.  Thanks team Tate!

Jude, Khandallah.